Kryogener Sauerstoffgenerator (KZO-50) im Bau in Venezuela

Apr 23 , 2023



Im Juli 2022 fiel der PSA-Sauerstoffgenerator von Louis aus, also fand er Bob, der ihm half, den PSA-Sauerstoffgenerator zu reparieren. Louis war mit Bobs Technologie und Service sehr zufrieden und beschloss, beim Kauf des kryogenen Sauerstoffgenerators von BANGWIN mit ihm zusammenzuarbeiten. Um das Kooperationsprogramm weiter festzulegen, besuchte Louis die Fabrik in Bolivien.



 During the visit, he saw BANGWIN's high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly cryogenic oxygen generators, and also felt BANGWIN's strict production process and perfect after-sales service system. After the inspection, he decided to purchase an cryogenic oxygen generator from BANGWIN. As an enterprise that has been focusing on gas processing industry for many years, BANGWIN always takes "customer satisfaction" as the core concept of enterprise development. We continuously develop oxygen generators with international advanced level, excellent performance, convenient use, less faults, low energy consumption and low cost. In operation, we will also adopt multiple protection technologies to ensure its normal operation and avoid unnecessary faults.



In addition, we will provide one-stop high-quality services such as preferential prices, fast on-time door-to-door delivery and 24 hours online after-sales technical support. If customers encounter usage problems when using it , they can get help immediately by just making a phone call; if it is a component failure that causes it unable to be used normally , we will immediately send original spare parts to replace the faulty parts so that it can be used normally . In short , choosing BANGWIN is a wise choice!



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